Minwook Park
Hello. I'm the playful experience designer, Minwook. I'm interested in everything that makes life fun.
Everyone enjoys watching creative and great works made by others. That's why you enjoy movies, games, music, and play. I want people to have similar experiences when they use the web. Furthermore, it would be better if i could provide a more enjoyable and more special experience that only possible on the web. This is what I want to do, and this is what I'm doing now.
The good news is, most of the services we use work on the web. Which means I can make all our activities more enjoyable!(wow)
Web Experience
Playful Interaction
UI/UX Design
Interactive Web
Affordance Design
Creative Visualization
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
M.A.S. in Arts & Technology
Feb 2021
B.B.A. in Business Administration
Feb 2018
B.S.E. in Convergence Software